M O S A I C     C E R Á M I C S     H A N D C R A F T E D 


In Decoración Andalusí we have been offering for almost 20 years mosaic tradicional de cerámica o Zellige.
We recover this art, taking care of the quality of both the materials and the handmade process.

Geometric designs apply the principle of symmetry and repetition of interlaced or overlapping motifs.
The result is a very balanced set, where no detail prevails over the rest, but with a dynamic and harmonious effect.
We put at your disposal a wide variety of designs, whose possibilities are multiplied according to the combination of colors you choose.
We also offer mosaics based on Ataurique, with hand-engraved relief texture.


 D I S C O V E R      O U R     M O S A I C   P R O D U C T S 

M.12.05-Mesa-decoracion-mosaico-marroqui-mobiliario-jardin-malaga M.TA.40-PA.46-mueble-consola-decoracion-recibidores-decoandalus R.FP.1-fuente-ornamental-exterior-estilo-arabe-deco-andalus-malaga R.FO.7B-azulejo-estilo-arabe-ceramica-deco-andalus-malaga





   M O S A I C   C O L O R S 

01-tesela-mosaico-color-blanco-decoandalus 2-tesela-mosaico-color-beige-decoandalus 3-tesela-mosaico-color-terracota-decoandalus 4-tesela-mosaico-color-negro-decoandalus 5-tesela-mosaico-color-marron-decoandalus






6-tesela-mosaico-color-naranja-decoandalus 7-tesela-mosaico-color-amarillo-decoandalus 8-tesela-mosaico-color-rojo-granate-decoandalus 9-tesela-mosaico-color-verde-oscuro-decoandalus 110-tesela-mosaico-color-verde-claro-decoandalus






111-tesela-mosaico-color-verde-decoandalus 112-tesela-mosaico-color-azul-marino-decoandalus 113-tesela-mosaico-color-azul-turquesa-decoandalus 114-tesela-mosaico-color-azul-cielo-decoandalus 115-tesela-mosaico-color-azul-aguamarina-decoandalus






 T H E      Z E L L I G E     A R E   H A N D M A D E   T I L E S 

mosaico-marroqui-mesa-mobiliario-jardin-malaga.jpg composicion-estrella-mosaico-produccion-decoandalus ME.TA-mosaico-marroqui-mesa-mobiliario-jardin-malaga

The Zellige are handmade tiles  

made originally in Fez    

This ceramic material offers     
excellent resistance qualities,    
can be used as cladding material    
both outdoors and indoors    
due to its high resistance to temperature changes.    

Ceramic is manufactured piece by piece
with white clay   
unrefined coated with glass enamel.

Clay mixes with water and let it soak
for a day, after which you work with hands
and feet.

Once the dough has reached the sweet spot
flexibility and homogeneity, it cuts into
10 cm squares
and a thickness of 1 cm.

All the pieces they are left to dry in the sun, before
placed in a traditional oven.

After the first cooking They are removed, they stain and they are
returned for the second.

The sign of identity of the mosaic of Fes or Zellige.

Clay squares are usually placed in different
levels according to the degree of temperature required to
achieve one color or another.

White is usually placed in the lower tray
followed by blue, yellow and green in the highest part.

this ceramic, presents on its surface variations
of color, texture, tone and shade
. But these differences
far from being considered imperfections, they are considered
mosaic characteristics


 H O W      D O   W E   M A K E   T H E     M O S A I C ?   

el-racham-dibuja-tesela-mosaico-DECOANDALUS el-kassar-recorta-tesela-mosaico-DECOANDALUS el-khallas-bordea-tesela-mosaico-DECOANDALUS el-farrah-forma-dibujo-mosaico-decoandalus

   The Racham



    The Farrach 

    Draw the drawing of each tile
    with ink using a nib on the
    ceramic square

    It is responsible for trimming the shape
    of the tile with a hammer or
    very winged chisel.

    Very short precision 
    sólo the bottom edge of each
    tessera, without touching the face
    enameled giving it a wedge shape.
    So when they join
    to others, they will remain groove
    where to enterá the cement and
    beef upá the boards.

     Place each tile upside down in
     the rightful place until
     form the drawing.

 A D V A N T A G E S      O F   T H E   M O S A I C    O F   F E Z 

Teselas cerámica talladas a mano DECOANDALUS

    * Es fireproof, so it does not burn at any temperature or
    emits toxic fumes, and their colors are very resistant in sunlight. 

    * Is a good insulator, acts as a natural cooling element in
    summer and conserves ambient heat in winter. The tiles remain
    always cool to the touch no matter how high the temperatures are

    * It is a material environmentally friendly and biodegradable, by
    be created from 100% natural raw material. 

    * The traditional ceramic mosaic is a magnificent material to be
    used outdoors. 

    * It is of great durability Thanks to the solid structure both internal
    as external
of the tiles and their strong union. 

    * Guarantees the promotion of craft tradition and the sustainable development


Our mosaics are manufactured according to
European regulations.

Ornamental fountains and tables stand out.
Being able to be sent and installed in any
part of the world.

Once the mosaic is composed, with all the tiles
upside down, a metal frame with mesh is incorporated
welded to the inside. this structure is what will give
solidity to the whole set.

Finally everything is carefully covered with a
cement grout and allowed to dry.
The mosaic is pre-assembled on custom tiles,
there are fifteen different colors to match.

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