Moroccan lamps

lampara arabe   iluminación árabe   portavelas bronce 


Handcrafted by artisans, our wide selection of lamps, chandeliers, sconces, lanterns and candleholders constitutes an original and elegant way of enhancing the furniture and accentuating the surrounding decoration, both indoors and outdoors.

Based on the Arabic-andalusian style, we create unique pieces which respond to a traditional taste as well as to a contemporary.

As a main or as a complementary element, our lighting designs fit easily in any place, creating cosy ambiences due to its soft light, colour and pattern.

We use different materials: iron, brass, bronze, copper, nickel silver, glass and ceramic; which can be combined and treated in many ways.

The hanging lamps create a very welcoming environment, while also being a decorative element dividing space, and enhancing the beauty of the furniture around them. Due to the fine work of our artisans, the suggestive hand shaped metal, plus the glass’s colours are projected on the walls, ceiling and floor.

The wall lights besides illuminating offer special decorating touches and are highly recommended in spaces with low ceiling. They are also very practical leaving surfaces free of standing lamps, as it happens with side tables.


lampara araña hierro   candelabro forja   lampara bronce calado   lampara bronce calado arabe   farol arabe


A special section is the outdoor lighting, which allows us to provide illumination and life to any corner and the surrounding atmosphere. Facades, entrances, the way home, paths, terraces, porches and arbours are areas that can be accentuated with hanging lamps, wall lights, lanterns....

Besides the direct sales, we help final customers and professional clients to create their lighting projects.At Decoración Andalusí we offer you all our experience and we carefully study your rooms to provide the best proposal, thanks to the wide catalogue and even creating new designs according to your taste.