General Sales Conditions


At Andalusi Decoration we make all our creations in a complete handcrafted manner, so you can get your oun custome made orders. 

Besides visiting our showroom, you can request any information you need by calling us or e-mailing us, and we can provide you with quotes and personalized designs.

1 )    Conditions for Transportation and Delivery:

    a)  General time of delivery for existing products will be of approximately one week.

   b)  Costume made products by order will be delivered in 60-90 days maximum from order confirmation. This time frame can be adjusted depending               on orders and dates.

   c)  Andalusí Decoration offers transportation management and home delivery services within and outside of Spain with previously given quote, since            the cost of shipping is not included in the prices.

   d)  Transportation incidents must be communicated within 24 hours of the order receiption.

   e )  In case of an incident, Andalusi Decoration replaces the order as soon as possible with no extra charge to the customer.     

   f )  The transporter will make the delivery and unload the piece(s) in an accessible point of the indicated address, since the service does not include                charges for loaders.

2) Payment Method:

1 ) In case of long distance purchase of existing pieces:

   a )  Down payment of the total balance through a bank transfer or deposit.

   b ) Down payment of 50% and the outstanding balance when the order is delivered. The counter-reimbursement service cost (5%) will be the                          responsibility of the customer.

2 )  In case of placing an order

   a ) -  A downpayment of the 50% of the total balance is due at the time of ordering, and the other 50% when the order is ready and before shipment.

   b ) -  If the customer wishes to complete the payment at the delivery, an extra 5% for counter-reimbursement services cost will be added.

***  Upon the customers petition, images of the finished order can be sent as proof.

        For any additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us.