Interior Projects

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At Decoracion Andalusi we think home and all the objects surrounding us, with time, they become a part of our identity and an expression of our life style and taste. 

Our work philosophy is based in the recuperation and promotion of andalusian artes and crafts tradition, creating quality pieces fusioned with new trends that fulfil current tastes. While our creativity is a result of the expertise and specialization of our artisans, remaining faithful to the handcrafts tradition, giving preference to quality over massive production. Staying away from standarization and betting on custom made designs. 

Thanks to the experienced artisans, who merge different materials implementing new and old techniques, we can get unique pieces and original designs able to transmit the handmade value along the time. 

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Visiting our showroom, you could find a wide selection of all our creations, and every design can be adapted and custom made by order. For a complete interior project, we offer the customer personalized attention, design service, installations, upholstery and curtains, tiles, lightings, outside furniture, bedes, decorative objects.